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milky-miley-pit-bull-makeup-lori-welbourne-jim-huntMiley Cyrus received a lot of heat recently for posting a picture of her new puppy with markings on it’s face and polish on it’s claws. People were outraged over the presumed toxic and poisonous matter she was subjecting her dog to, and some demanded she be charged with animal abuse. However, there are many harmless, pet-friendly markers and nail polishes that she may have been using on Milky. If so, a brief note stating that would have eliminated the ire of many enraged animal lovers. It also would have served as a teaching moment for her young impressionable fans. But the superstar doesn’t seem to comprehend the true harm her pictures dispense. And I’m not talking about the doodling she did on her pooch, but the promotion of the pet in the first place.

miley cyrus pit bull milky 1You see, Miley didn’t adopt a puppy of a normal breed, she got herself another pit bull. An adorable, harmless sweet little animal that’s going to grow up to be an athletic, muscular creature with a powerful jaw so strong it will be able to kill a person with one bite to the jugular. The kind of canine that was bred for hundreds of years to clamp down on it’s prey, shake and hold, and impose maximum damage even while enduring tremendous pain itself.

The famous entertainer doesn’t give out any such warnings on her multitude of online images showing her cuddling and kissing her new puppy. Of her millions of young, impressionable fans there will no doubt be countless pit bulls adopted because of her.

A couple years ago Miley posted this on social media: “People need 2 be educated on pits. They’re killed cause no one takes them. True racism in the dog world- by humans =(.” Clearly she didn’t get educated herself.

A million pit bulls are euthanized each and every year because people continue to take them. If no one adopted and bought them, opportunists would stop breeding them. It’s called supply and demand. And breedism is nothing like racism. One is discerning, the other is repugnant.

miley cyrus pit bull milky 2Like all breeds, pit bulls were bred by humans to look and behave a certain way. For hundreds of years pit bulls were created for bloodsport: first for bull and bear baiting and then for dog fighting. Their purpose is now a felony in every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada. The breeding of them should have been outlawed when dog fighting was. Instead, they started getting promoted as safe family pets by the well funded pit bull lobby and the many ill informed and influential celebrities like Miley Cyrus. People who seem completely oblivious to the staggering amount of death and destruction caused by these dogs with an undeniable fighting heritage.

An additional person was killed by her own two pit bulls on December 16, which now brings the total of fatal dog attacks on humans this year to 36 in the U.S. and Canada. 30 were pit bull type dogs, two were Rottweilers and four were breeds unknown, which usually means pit bulls. There were also hundreds of humans disfigured or injured from pit bull attacks, and thousands of animals slaughtered. The public deserves to know this truth, but not enough people are telling it.

How many more human beings must die before the public at large stops believing pit bulls are just like any other dog? Or the better question might be, who must die for that to happen?

Maybe it was 22-year-old Rebecca Hardy who was savagely mauled to death on December 3 in Michigan. The medical examiner ruled her death a suicide, which brought the story international exposure after he stated that her knowingly entering a fenced yard with pit bulls was “akin to someone jumping into a cage with tigers or lions at a zoo.”

deadly-dog-attacksHis assessment that she purposely tried to kill herself was ludicrous, but his correlation between the extreme savagery that wild cats and pit bulls can inflict was horrendously accurate.

Not all pit bulls attack. In fact, most don’t. But they are unpredictable and there’s no way of knowing which ones will suddenly snap. Why would anyone knowingly take a chance and subject their family, themselves and the public to a type of dog that might rip a person or animal apart? Why would Miley Cyrus expose her adoring fans to the possibility of such horror and pain?

There are hundreds of other breeds that won’t do that. Let’s promote and rescue those ones instead.

Here’s a young lady explaining how her beloved pit bull  just turned on her without warning or provocation. Her reaction, the way she’d pet it as it mauled her, is stunning.