[As you scroll through Facebook and Instagram over and over again, doesn\’t everyone\’s life seem more wonderful and colorful than yours? This person just got a promotion, that person got engaged, even your parents are sharing pictures of their recent exotic vacation? We have a little guide to help you not go crazy.Not everything is gold…

Everything looks better on the internet. Yes, your friend just got a promotion, but the enthusiastic pictures don\’t show that she\’s gotten hundreds of raises, is half a trick at work, and you won\’t see her for the next six months because you\’re overwhelmed with responsibility. You would not know from the enthusiastic photos of the engaged couple that they had a terrible fight during the photo shoot or that they are now deciding whether to invite her or not after what Uncle Karel did at their last wedding. In other words, reality on the Internet is a small window into someone else\’s world and does not tell us much about their lives.
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Talking Gold
So what are social networks good for? In my personal experience, social networks are perfect conversation starters. Don\’t think you know everything in one post. Next time you see your manager (by accident on the way to work, of course), ask him or her about the new position, his or her subordinates and supervisors, and how he or she likes it. You can ask your friends how their wedding preparations are going. Then you can finally talk to your parents and other family members about something other than the current political situation. Talking and talking will give you a more realistic picture of the situation.
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Lead by example
If you dare, start a small internet revolution. Start sharing realistic pictures of life yourself. If you have children, in addition to perfect photos, upload photos that your kids will make a mess of in a surprisingly short amount of time. Do you cook? Upload a photo of burnt pasta (yes, you can) and your friends will be convinced they\’re not the only slobs. Or, if you\’re not going to clean up in the name of Instagram right now, share a photo of what your desk actually looks like. It will give others the confidence to admit that their lives are not always perfect.