A big load of laundry awaits

None of us like when our laundry becomes a loose pile higher than the house and we have to decide whether to wash the light or dark laundry first. You might call it a dilemma.
Today, we have washing machines that work at the flick of a switch. But in the old days, it was much worse. Modern washing machines were not yet available, so we had to wash our clothes by hand. If this were still the case today, one would shudder to think of the piles of clothes that each of us has.
pověšené prádlo
At least there used to be laundromats, and they were heavily used. Some houses still had soaking and drying rooms. There were rows of clotheslines several meters long (there really were a lot of them), where a large amount of laundry was always placed.

Laundry was considered women\’s work, so they could do it from morning to night, and men never lifted a finger. It is true that these women had other things to worry about, but a little help would not have been a hindrance.
As time went on, automatic washing machines began to appear, making women\’s jobs easier.
Indeed, the best time to do a lot of laundry, then and now, is in the summer. In the summer, everything dries nicely outside and has a special pleasant smell. It is certainly better to dry laundry outside than to stew it in the attic.

Whether it is curtains or bags, all laundry must be washed differently. But every good housewife knows that very well.
In today\’s world, there are already plenty of detergents and fabric softeners that make laundry smell good. All you have to do is pick and choose.
žena v pračce
If you have a big load of laundry in your near future too, good luck. Remember.
We are better off than our predecessors of old.
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