Breakfast for a good day

What to choose at the beginning of the day, it already depends on the taste and lifestyle of each of us. Most people skip breakfast because of lack of time. Get up, master morning hygiene, get ready and immediately go to school or work. At the same time, it is a great start to the day and a good opportunity to give the body enough energy for the whole morning and make the day better. Prepare your breakfast and enjoy the morning sitting quietly and stress-free. Make yourself happy! And here you will find some tips on what to give:


1. SaltBreakfast
You can make eggs in various ways – scrambled, egg omelette with vegetables, half-boiled, hard-boiled or baked toast, grease the pastry with heat sausage, spread, cheese and add sausage to it.

2. Sweet breakfast
If you are not in a hurry, you can make pancakes with jam and whipped cream, pancakes with povidoli
Homemade waffles, but these are already really time-consuming dishes. If you buy cakes, donuts or other sweet pastries, you will save time.


3. Healthy breakfast
Previous versions can be considered unhealthy. If you follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle or are trying to lose weight, having a white yogurt or cottage cheese with cereals and fresh fruit, oatmeal or wholemeal bread will certainly not spoil anything.
This is how you start your day with a healthy and light diet.

3. Drinks
Another very important component is the drink.1 Someone can not do without a different kind of coffee, for another it is more important tea, whether black, fruit, green or herbs. After sleep, it is good to drink a glass of water immediately in the morning, since the body is slightly dehydrated when not watered, and pure water is perfect for replenishing moisture, and fruit and vegetable juices, preferably prepared at home with a juicer, are also suitable.


Tomorrow set the alarm a little earlier than usual and take at least half an hour to sit back and have what you want!