You must consider that a mortgage loan requires a decent, stable income and a property that is collateralized by the bank. Advantages of Corporate Apartments

Buying an apartment is usually quite financially demanding, even with a mortgage, so there is the option of purchasing shares in a residential cooperative. The undeniable advantage is that this can result in savings of up to 20%.

Three options

You can choose from three options, the first of which is to pledge the property on other immovable property (yours or your family\’s). The advantage in this case is that the interest rate on the mortgage is lower and up to 100% financing is available. A corporative apartment can only be pledged as collateral if it is converted to private ownership.


Another option is a mortgage, i.e., a loan whose transfer to private ownership is foreseen at a later date. Again, there is the possibility of securing collateral with other real estate assets or financing with a pre-mortgage loan of up to 100% of the purchase price (in this case, no pledge is required). Another advantage of a pre-mortgage loan is that only interest is paid in the first year. However, funds saved up to that point or a bridge loan may be used. The advantage of this option is that one can then dispose of the apartment as one sees fit.
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If none of the above options suit you, you have the option of combining an unsecured loan, but you should take into account that this route is not without problems. Ideally, you should get a loan from a building society, but if the amount is not sufficient, you can arrange a building society with several financial institutions and combine loans from these banks.