If you are still thinking about your own business, you should definitely know what a franchise is. Why? It can be your way to your own business.
What is it? This is a way of making money and is used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. It is considering their own business, want to make money, but at the same time do not want to be creative, invent something of their own, rather established brand security
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A typical example is Mac Donalds. Established brand known and popular all over the world. The logo itself is selling well. But anywhere in the world it is not Mac Donalds, but many different companies that have simply purchased licenses and know-how of established companies that represent an absolute safe bet.
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Franchises are granted by franchisors who are beneficiaries of trademarks or goods. He tested the business plan and proved that it was a profitable business that was easy to apply to the market. A brand or product is purchased by a licensee, a franchisee who can trade goods. The Licensee actually purchases the right to use the logo or brand of the product. At the same time, he runs a business in the name of a franchisor as an independent entrepreneur. He invests in the start of business and is the owner of property.
However, the owner not only enters into a contract with the customer, but also becomes a guarantor. He offers the care of new entrepreneurs and all his know-how. It simply gives you knowledge of how to do business properly. If the franchisor fails, then, of course, this is reflected in the bad name of the whole company.
This way of doing business allows great freedom and at the same time the certainty of a successful business. This business is very developed. About 12% each year, this is a very successful number.
This is usually a business that requires considerable investment and considerable management skills.