How do we save money at home?

Everyone knows this. But where has all that money gone? Often we spend money completely unnecessarily and spend a lot on silly things. But it\’s time to start saving. If you put the following simple tips into practice, you are bound to save at least some money in the first month.

1) Establish a monthly budget. This may seem unnecessarily complicated and difficult, but it doesn\’t have to be. Keep a journal. In this diary, write down the expenses that must be paid each month (rent, electricity, water, flat-rate bills, etc.). Next, write down your income here and see how much money you have left for the month. Then allocate this to other necessities such as food, travel, groceries, etc. You need to find your own system that makes budgeting fun.
2) Go shopping after dinner and make a list. Why after dinner? Because when you are hungry, you want everything you see in the store. Often, we buy too much perishable food that we don\’t have time to consume. Such food goes to waste. Make a list. Ideally, plan and make a list of what you will cook and what you will prepare for snacks throughout the week. Once a week, go on a big shopping spree.
pokladnice s penězi
3) Don\’t waste electricity. Turn off the lights behind you. Before you leave the house, make sure you have turned off the lights here and there. Also, turn off the stove and oven as soon as you finish cooking. You can also save money on laundry. Wash less dirty laundry on a shorter program. If you have a lot of dirty laundry, it may be a longer program, but you can save energy (for heating the water) by putting the water in the washing machine at a lower temperature
4) Washing machines save money as well as time. That\’s right, dishwashers use less water than washing dishes under running water.
5) You should take a shower. Turn off the water when you shower. After all, there is no need to run water when using soap or shampooing. Teach this to everyone in the family, a family of four, for example, and they will notice.
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6) Give children a weekly or monthly allowance that they have to figure out on their own, so that they don\’t come to you every day asking for money for this or that.
7) Do not smoke. If you want to smoke, at least limit yourself to four or five cigarettes a day. It is really cheaper that way.
8) Don\’t spend money on unnecessary things. Those nice shoes over there, that purse, they look amazing. But do you really need it? Aren\’t those five handbags you have at home enough? Learn to be a little more frugal by not buying so much stuff.