How to choose the right granules for our 4-legged friends

Dog granule and dog food offer are widely in our market in general. Not all dog owners have the time and space to feed their dogs with homemade food, such as boiled meat, pasta and other ingredients. Therefore, they usually reach for dry or canned food. But how to choose the right one for our pets?
First, it is important to enter the correct search criteria. It is not so important about the brand of the feed, but some already have their own proven or their veterinarian will give them a brand The main thing is to distinguish whether you have a small, medium, large, or perhaps a huge variety in the house. Some manufacturers offer even more universal feed mixtures for all sizes and varieties. 1. Another important criterion is the age of the dog, that is, whether a puppy, a nursing bitch, a middle-aged dog, or a senior lives with you. Each granule contains a variety of ingredients that a dog needs at this age and time.
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Almost all manufacturers are already focusing on dogs with specific problems. Whether it\’s a problem with a tendency to be overweight, a heavy load on the joints, or your vet will tell you that your family is suffering from some kind of illness, such as gluten intolerance. In such cases, it is necessary to choose the feed intended for this disease, and it is best to choose exactly the right one with a veterinarian.
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Hunting and sports dogs also need special nutrition. An integral part of their feed mixture should be the component L-carnitine, which is also used by top athletes.
If you want to buy dry dog food, you can use a physical store or choose an online store with significantly lower prices. Often you will also receive extra gifts, and if you buy a larger package, you will receive a pleasant discount or free shipping. And who would not appreciate it? In any case, you will treat your 4-legged friend the best, because you will buy high-quality granules for raw materials. Your dog will give you a happy look on his face.