Innovation strategy will also find its place in your business

Innovation can take place in many areas. Sometimes it is only a partial process, during which, for example, only the packaging of the product is changed, and everything else remains the same. But at other times, it can be a complex process that focuses on the development and creation of completely new products, and then it is also associated with innovation in technology, marketing and, in many cases, organizational structures.
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An approach to defining Innovation Strategies:
· R&D – Issues of product innovation and the production process itself are classified as R&D strategies within a set of functional strategies related to marketing, production, human resources and finance. In many industries, it plays an important role, especially as a result of the constant changes taking place in most competitive industries.
§ Attack – emphasizes innovation and the development of new products.
§ Defense – More focused on product modification and the ability to imitate. In this way, companies are trying to acquire such technologies, thanks to which they will maintain their position in the market.
The company\’s innovation initiatives are mainly
· the creation and development of new products,
· the application of new technologies,
· The success of customer satisfaction and retention and sales of these products,
* The pursuit of lasting prosperity·
The dimension of innovation strategies for new products:
· Products-Technologies–New products We are trying to apply the latest knowledge of science and technology to the production of
* Production -Technology – Trying to apply new technologies that require the production of new products.
* Business – Focuses on determining which areas of the market and for which customer segments a new product is intended.
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Attitude to innovation programs in the enterprise:
* Employees of all influential components of the enterprise must work in a team.
* It is also recommended to involve customers and subcontractors in the solution. [35** The opinions of all stakeholders should be discussed. [36** It is very necessary to pay attention to the material, time and financial implementation of the program.