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Yurt. Do you know what I am talking about? Many of you probably don\’t know. It is a circular one-room house with a tarp over the wooden structure, insulated with felt made of sheep\’s wool. In some cases, they are insulated with straw, which is a good heat insulator. This style of house originated in Mongolia, where nomadic tribes traveled frequently and could take their houses with them wherever they went. Nowadays, it has already spread throughout the world. This is probably due to the economic ease of the yurt. They do not require taking on large loans. Furthermore, they have a unique appearance and are made of natural materials. Today, there are many companies producing Mongolian yurts with a modern appearance.
Mongolské jurty
How much do these homes cost?
The price depends mainly on the size of the yurt needed (they are made around 50 m²), the materials used, and the insulation. Smaller ones without insulation start at $500,000, while those that already have insulation and flooring cost around $250,000 to $300,000. You can hire an expert or do it yourself.
How do you take care of the yurts?
Because the Czech Republic is more humid than Mongolia, yurts cannot be built directly on the ground. It is also a good idea to impregnate the tarps twice a year to prolong the life of the tarps. However, tarps also need to be replaced regularly every five years. However, wood construction and insulation can last a very long time if well cared for. In winter, the stove fire that heats the room must be maintained, and in summer, conversely, it must be well ventilated.
jurtová místnost
Modern yurts
The original yurts had neither water nor electricity. Therefore, they were built near a water source and cooked on a stove. Laundry was done in the river or in containers of water. Today, however, bringing electricity and water into a yurt is not a problem. So lighting, electrical outlets, internet, and washing machines are all in the yurt. This is a great advantage and something that modern people cannot do without. But for that you need a building site. It could be registered as a vacation home and used as a cottage only in the summer.