Make life sweeter. To avoid regrets.

Honey and brown sugar
It is important to note that if you decide to replace white sugar with these products, you will benefit your body with beneficial substances and enzymes, but not much is said about the calorie savings.
However, when relying on these alternatives, one needs to look at the quality. In the case of honey, it should be domestically produced, preferably directly from beekeepers, and in the case of brown sugar, check to see if it contains cane molasses.
For example, one can try dark cane sugar from producer Natural Jihlava.
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This sweetener is purely vegetable and can be obtained in many forms. It can be sweetened directly with dried (or fresh) herbs, or in powders, tablets, or drops.
A major advantage is that it has zero calories and is fairly reasonably priced. However, this type of sweetener may taste unpleasant to some people.
Healthy DayBranded sweetener drops can be purchased in either neutral or sweet flavors, but they can also be purchased flavored with blueberry, lemon, chocolate, etc. Price 170 CZK/50 ml.
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This sweetener is derived from vegetable xylan and contains 40% fewer calories than traditional sugar. Furthermore, it does not require insulin, making it suitable for diabetics. Other benefits include protection against tooth decay.
Iswari\’s xylitol is in crystalline form and has the same sweetness as conventional sugar, with prices starting at 320 CZK per kg.
Maple syrup
It has less than half the calories of white sugar, but compared to white sugar, it still has a mix of vitamins and beneficial substances that also support detoxification of the body, so you can\’t go wrong either.
Country Life\’s organic maple syrup is made using the classic maple sap method and contains no additives. It is priced at 150 CZK per 250 ml.
This is another natural sweetener with zero calories. It is produced by fermentation of natural sugars, does not affect sugar or insulin levels (suitable for diabetics), and does not cause dental plaque.
Erythritol sweetenerAWA Superfoodscontains no additives and costs 229,000 CZK for 500g.