Mobile Phones and the 90s

Keitai has been with us for a very long time. But I remember when I was just a little girl and had no idea what a cell phone meant. I didn\’t even know the magic of cell phones. And I didn\’t care because I grew up in the \’90s, and anyone who grew up in the \’90s will tell you those were the best years of their lives, and kids who grew up in the \’90s were really perfect, because they were always outside, they were always going home, they were always going to be in the house. Growing up, we were always outside and never wanted to come home. My siblings and I would always stay out late at night.

Sleduji i videa.

We brothers and I always had to go home when it was dark outside or when the lamps were lit. That was the sign to come home. Cell phones didn\’t really take off until much later, when I was about 10 years old. I wasn\’t really interested in them then either, but my mother insisted on buying me a cell phone. My mother bought this old cell phone. Now it would be very old, but at that time it was modern. And it was very expensive at the time. If I were to buy the cell phone that my mother has now, it would cost about 50 or 70 kronor.

Taky fotíte mobilem jídlo?

It was a really trashy phone, and it was a really luxurious piece of equipment back then. Considering that my mother\’s monthly salary at the time was 10,000 kronor, it was really exorbitant. Considering that my monthly salary was 10,000 kronor, it was outrageous. Nowadays, I think I can get a really perfect cell phone for 8,000 kronor without being told that I bought a poor quality cell phone. Cell phones today are really cheap, but they have really great features and there are always apps that you can use. There are a lot of features that make people\’s lives easier.