Protect your privacy

If you have a cell phone purchased within the last few years, you may have the option of unlocking with fingerprint recognition. This is a very secure and reliable method, and by setting your own fingerprint, you can instantly eliminate access by others. At the same time, the unlock itself takesseconds and does not require you to enter a combination of numbers or draw a gesture. If you allow others to upload their fingerprints to your phone, you really need to make sure that you can trust that person completely if you want him or her to have access to your data. This is usually a sign of trust between a married couple, for example, but is generally not recommended.
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If you lock your screen with a numeric password, try to avoid easy-to-guess combinations. In this case, it is primarily your own birth date or birth year, or the birth date or birth year of a loved one. In any case, do not use the same number as one you already use elsewhere, for example, your credit card PIN

forget your dog\’s name

character code,ideally a complete short sentence rather than a word is recommended. This sacrifices unlock speed, but greatly improves the protection of your own privacy. Again, avoid names of children, loved ones, and pets, which are easy to track and logical choices. 28] Combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters are also recommended, as they are more likely to be used in the same sentence.

Drawing gestures with your fingers can also be effective, but simple geometric shapes such as squares and triangles should not be chosen.
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In general, the following tips can also be followed:
– If not a fingerprint, change your password regularly
– Never leave your phone unattended in places like work or restaurants
– Never share your password with anyone and log in a certain number of times Make sure your phone automatically locks itself after a certain number of failed attempts to log in
– Perform regular virus scans
– Do not leave your phone unattended at work, restaurants, etc.