Rain Showers

As rainfall is decreasing in our area, there is a growing demand for drops of water to moisten our faces and bodies. Especially on hot summer days. Manufacturers of bathroom accessories have decided to fulfill this wish, at least in the form of showerheads.

kapky vody

Rain showers that mimic real rain. The size of the showerhead has steadily increased and has now reached its maximum size. This size and the well-chosen water drop holes are reminiscent of real rain. And they are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms. One reason for this may be that the larger head increases water consumption. This system is cleverly thought out so that the large droplets are gentle, yet do not waste too much water. This technology is called AirPower, and anyone thinking of buying this type of shower should always check to see if the shower head has this technology.
puštěná sprcha

Some showerheads have a variety of water streams in addition to the traditional gentle drizzle. The most common is the waterfall, which releases a large stream of water that replaces a neck or back massage. Another is the mono stream, which usually emerges from the center of the head and seems to merge the individual water droplets into one continuous stream. Rain streams can be either gentle or large. The newest models have a built-in ambient light to make showering easier at night.

For complete relaxation, the bathroom can be almost spa-style. This can be complemented not only by special heads with massage functions, but also by massage jets on the wall, colored lights and music. By taking a shower, one not only removes dirt, but also relieves stress.
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It is worth purchasing a combination shower head because water should not be wasted and the economic savings are worth it. In other words, the shower system has a classic shower head as well as a rain head, which will last for an extraordinary experience even after a long period of use.