Nowadays, it is quite normal for everyone to have a cell phone. This is because cell phones are no longer a big deal or a rarity. Now you can buy a really good quality, smart cell phone for very little money. I can\’t even count the number of cell phones I\’ve had. And I\’m not buying them out of vanity because I\’m a millionaire. Not at all. When my first cell phone breaks, I always replace it. But what surprised me the most is that really new cell phones don\’t last as long as old ones. I remember a classic Nokia that really lasted indefinitely, and even when it fell to the ground, the phone was safe.

Mobil má každý člověk a mnohdy i dítě.

Nowadays, as soon as a cell phone falls to the ground, the screen cracks or something happens inside and the phone has to be thrown away. If you have a smart phone and always keep it in its case, you don\’t have to worry about anything happening to your phone if it falls to the ground.

Mobily mají mnoho funkcí.

For example, my cell phone often falls from my hand. And unfortunately, I seem to have hand cramps and can\’t hold anything with my hands anymore. So I\’m glad I have a good quality thick leather case and wish I didn\’t even have to take my cell phone out of it. My son also has a cell phone and puts it in the case frequently. We have each had cell phones for about 4 years and they all still work. And I\’m glad I don\’t have to buy cell phones very often. I don\’t think I\’ll even pay for one. And I am thrilled here that my son knows how to handle something as expensive as a cell phone. My son does not take advantage of any situation where she would want a new one. Even if the phone is old and has quite a few scratches on the exterior, my son doesn\’t care. He knows that new ones are quite expensive and he knows I can\’t afford it. Otherwise, what do you think about someone voluntarily giving their child a cell phone? My son is learning on his cell phone too.