Asian e-shops: yes or no?

Currently, low prices seem to be the biggest attraction. And most people don\’t even think about whether the quality is good enough to be so cheap. Therein lies the problem. In fact, some e-shops and e-commerce products are cheap and of good quality, but most of them break after the first use. In the end, you pay a little bit of money and have nothing left in your pocket. A little math will show you that you have lost even that little money.
novĂ˝ prokukt.jpg
However, things can turn around. For example, the clothes imported from there did not fit at all. So one had to order clothes at least one size larger than one\’s standard size. Now, however, clothes a little larger than that are delivered to my house.
Another problem related to Asian e-shops is the perception of the product\’s appearance and how it compares to reality. Get used to the fact that things always look beautiful in pictures. And we encounter this every day. But reality is not so rosy. Instead of beautiful blue jeans, we get pants of poor quality fabric. The advice is very simple: choose your clothes in a physical store.
Similarly, avoid buying electronics on these sites. A few hundred crowns of electronics is almost certainly no better than a high-quality appliance from a specialty store. It\’s the same fairy tale. Pictures often don\’t match reality, but that\’s to be expected in Asian e-shops.
However, once ordered, one has to wait a while for the product. Sometimes as long as two months. Also, sometimes the ordered products do not arrive at all. Also, products often arrive broken or damaged.
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We see many cases on the Internet where clothing, cosmetics, and other products did not fit the shopper. Trust me, you will have a royal laugh with these posts. Sometimes mistakes are really funny. But when you receive a product that doesn\’t fit you, the smile will disappear from your face.
For small, almost insignificant items, Chinese stores are usually good. But be careful when buying expensive goods. You don\’t want to give your money away for nothing.