When the old window is gone

About 30 years ago we moved from an apartment to a house in the country. One of the first things we did was to replace the original industrial single-pane windows with cast-iron ones we picked up from a demolition site. They worked well for the next 10 years, but they had lasted so long that it became necessary to replace them with new ones. The choice was narrowed down to vinyl windows.
Žaluzie v bytě.
Why plastic?
At the time of our installation, PVC windows were cheaper than wood or aluminum windows. The design sophistication and options seemed to be the most comprehensive.
What were the selection criteria?
Developments are still being made in this area, but in general:

  • The thermal conductivity (indicated by the letter U”) of the window should be at least 1.1 W (m2.K). This value applies to both the glass and the frame and determines the window\’s insulation from the external environment.
  • The glass can be double glazed or better triple glazed (so-called double or triple glazing). The glass panes also have an internal coating that reflects the sun\’s rays and prevents the interior from getting hot during the summer months. The space between the glass panes is filled with gases such as argon, krypton, or xenon. Prices vary depending on the gas used.
  • Plastic frames can have from two to seven chambers. The more chambers, the better. As in the case of glass filling, each chamber space is also filled with gas.
  • The old windows were aesthetically divided by horizontal and vertical partitions. These partitions can be used as a condition for conservators to replace the windows. The partitions can also be plastic windows. However, placing a partition between the panes would worsen the thermal conductivity.

What can be obtained?

  • Old windows sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter, making it impossible to see out. High-quality glazing eliminates this inconvenience.
  • Reduces noise intrusion from the outside environment.
  • The airtightness of the windows is unmatched by old cast-iron windows. Gaps and drafts are eliminated, increasing thermal comfort in winter. Odor infiltration from the outside is also reduced.

Parapet okna.
And don\’t forget:
Are the existing windows the right size for you? Do they provide enough light, or do you need daylight for reading? Choosing the right size can affect the brightness of a room.
Manufacturers also offer frames in a variety of colors. Which color is chosen should match the color scheme of the facade.
To complete the comfort, the following points can be added. It is more cost effective to incorporate these directly into the order.

  • Tilt-out ventilation sashes, so-called vent”. These are valuable items and are installed on all windows.
  • Insect screens. They are made to fit each window and are easy to install. In the summer, you never know what flies are in your apartment.
  • Blinds to prevent prying eyes from the street at night. In summer, they catch the sun\’s rays and prevent overheating of the interior. We opted for indoor blinds, but there are also outdoor blinds, various curtains, and awnings. All can be operated electrically.

Over the years we have replaced a total of seven windows, two of which were homemade. And these are our views.