Beyond Meat Vegan Burger is coming to the Czech Republic!

A lot has been said about the harm of animal products. True, it is enough to say that the child of the animal is cute, and a high consumption of red meat increases the likelihood of cancer of the digestive tract. Besides, young calves and pigletshave the intelligence of a 3-year-old child. This is very disturbing.

There are many moral and health reasons for not eating meat. Therefore, many people subscribe to vegetarianism and veganism. And because they are growing rapidly, so is the food market. Since it is engaged in the production of vegan variants of ordinary dishes, many companies have been created.
dva hamburgery

More than meat

, Meat is engaged in beyondthe production of vegan burgers, which tastes like classic.Beyond meat, beyond meatThe production of vegan burgers, there are no crush animal products at all. Everything is absolutely vegetable. But they are based on the fact that if someone does not warn you, you do not know the difference from the usual burger. And many of their customers confirm this. Of course, the recipe is always working.
vegansk√Ĺ hamburger

Best Marketing

It\’s not easy when switching to a plant-based diet. This is especially true if you like classic food, such as burgers. Many people are looking for alternatives. Of course, you can also make it from chickpeas, beans and oatmeal. But it\’s not the same thing. Look beyond meat products and taste authentic, but you will not find any meat in them.

This is why Beyond Meat is popular and successful around the world. It\’s a healthy and tasty way to enjoya classic dish without the taste of vegetables and legumes. And despite the fact that this is almost nothing else. But not only taste, but also appearance are important. This company has perfected everything and can now enjoy high profits and global expansion.

Natural Ingredients

Are you really wondering what you can find in this unique product? These are water, mango bean protein, rapeseed and coconut oil, rice and pea protein, cocoa butter, potato starch, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, apple extract, beet juice, pomegranate extract, potassium chloride, methylcellulose, sunflower laytin. As you can see, none of this even remotely approaches the animal.