Mobile Phone Addiction

It is not difficult to become addicted, and in many cases, you do not even realize it. There are more serious addictions, such as hard drugs and alcohol, that can really affect your life and become extreme. The same goes for cell phones. It is normal to spend a couple of hours a day on your cell phone, making phone calls, taking pictures, and browsing the Internet in your spare time, but if you find yourself carrying your cell phone everywhere and can\’t live without it, that is not good.
závislost na mobilu

If you\’re wondering how many hours you spend on it each day, download an app that will calculate it for you. It doesn\’t seem like it, but every minute counts, and all of a sudden it could be six hours instead of two.
Of course, as mentioned, there is a difference between using your cell phone for work, such as texting, calling, making appointments, and doing other important things, and when you really have to put your phone to the side and look at it all the time.
It\’s really good to start thinking about it and addressing it if necessary. It would be a much better use of the time you waste on your cell phone. [Most people pick up their phone as soon as they wake up to stop the alarm, but then they start reading the news and suddenly 30 minutes have passed. Instead, they can stop the alarm, put the phone away, have a leisurely breakfast, and if they need to respond to a message or email, they can do so at mealtime.
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And on the way to work, instead of playing games or scrolling through Instagram, read an interesting book. You\’ll spend less time on your mobile again, plus you won\’t be soiling your eyes as much.
And in the afternoon after work or school, when you have free time, you can read something or even make money writing articles, like I am doing now, instead of wasting time on your phone.

If you use your cell phone all the time, putting it down may seem impossible, but trust me, it is.