Czech business needs to rethink milk alternatives

Veganism has been on the rise in the last year on all fronts. Its proponents are appealing not only for ethical and health reasons, but also for the future of the entire planet. Naturally, there are many staunch opponents of this relatively new dietary direction. They argue that it is impossible to live without animal food components in the long term. However, this is a trend that should be considered by domestic dairy processors and retailers. Alternative foods made from coconut, soy, nuts, and grains represent only a few percent of the total market. However, the number of purchasers is growing by 30 percent each year. Not only vegans, but also allergy sufferers and people who want to lighten their diets are buying them.
Zdravý životní styl
Global Dairy Companies
Large foreign-owned companies have already noticed the decline in demand for traditional products and have taken several measures to compensate for the loss of funds. For example, Danone, a major French brand, has long been preparing for a plant-based future. A few years ago, it absorbed the most well-known Alpro and Provamel. The company\’s product range includes milk, yogurt, desserts, and ice cream alternatives.
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Czech opinion
This trend in catering has spread to our country, but none of the established Czech companies have yet responded with new products. It is more likely that they will act passively rather than proactively. He points out that substitutes should be correctly labeled and should not be misleading by name or by being on the same shelf. Like the rest of the world, milk consumption is expected to decline in the Czech Republic. Existing companies need to prepare for this.

Emergence of new companies
This does not mean that domestic alternatives will not appear on store shelves. Small companies are emerging that produce plant-based milk, butter, yogurt, and even cheese. Nemléko and Alexýr, for example, are well-known producers of vegan ermine. These are usually available in organic stores and health food stores.