Hazard-Free Travel

Not all people carry insurance for international travel. Still, travel insurance is not that expensive. In such cases, it is worth purchasing insurance, even if the trip is only for a short period of time.
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You may already have travel insurance from the bank where you have an account. Re-read the supplemental travel insurance policy and you will probably find that you need to add some additional criteria to your policy, so expand your policy.
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What can be included in a travel insurance policy
Medical expenses due to illness or accident (hospitalization (each policy)
medical expenses(drugs, medical supplies, transportation to the site (medicines, medical supplies, transportation to and from the destination (each insured))
– additional sports options, not included in the basic travel insurance
– liability insurance (in case of damage to someone\’s health or property)
– loss of luggage
– legal protection
– if you have to interrupt your vacation at short notice, cancellation fees can also be covered by the insurance
– insurance against the cost of the trip
– insurance against the cost of the trip to the destination (each insured) Insurance can also cover fees
– Veterinary expenses
Of course, the details and certain limits will vary depending on the insurance company. Be sure to check. This is your choice. Because if something goes wrong, you can only get coverage from a particular insurance company. The amount of travel insurance depends, of course, on which insurance company you choose, what additions you make, how many people you are traveling with, and the length and purpose of your trip (e.g. hiking). For example, for three adults and one 15-year-old child, the premium for a week ranges from 1150,- CZK to 2800,- CZK. In addition, some insurance companies offer substantial discounts .
Even if you travel abroad without travel insurance, the European Health Insurance Card may cover medical treatment and necessary expenses. However, this insurance only covers state-run medical facilities.