A well-equipped office is an office that is easy to escape.

Who wouldn\’t want a client or other person to feel comfortable in their office? Of course, for many, like lawyers and doctors, this is a completely fatal question.If the client is not resolved enough and becomes completely comfortable, then everything will somehow get worse. And that\’s exactly why I decided to write this article for everyone, for whom this new and old knowledge can be of great help. This is neither a complex tantric practice, nor some features of the body that men prefer with an unpleasant smell of the club. This is 1 simple trick that you can use even outside the office and no one will even notice it.
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Just put the client near the door

Let\’s say you have a table in the middle of the room – no matter how diagonally the table rotates, the client should always sit near the door. I.This is our basic instinct and remains with us to this day. Unconsciously, we are constantly waiting for danger from an unknown environment, so “if anything,” we know that we can simply pack a bag and escape, so that the client always sits near the door so that he can get out of the room at any time. When this instinct of ours, the alarm in our heads, disappears, we are one hundred percent calmer and more balanced than it would have been the other way around. A person should not feel trapped, and in a handful, he should be free enough to talk freely about his problems. Many of us unconsciously perform this exercise, reassuring a person to sit near the door. But some do it in the opposite way, thinking that if he does not have a place to run, it will all be much easier.
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It is also very important

Whether it is high-quality furniture or interior accessories, all this affects the client and your comfort. We must remember that we will spend most of our time there, and therefore it is important that the office has the rightequipment!You have to remember that you are in our office.