How to use an Old seller

Have you purchased or inherited an old house with unused cellar space? Take it as a big plus and use it to the fullest, the owner of the new building will envy only you. In addition to the space for storing seasonal clothes, jams and potatoes, the cellar is another useful space, ideal as a technical background. In the cellar, it is recommended to put a washer, dryer or almond next to the boiler.There should be a locker for detergent and a stand for folding. But why not create something more creative?
relaxace v sauně
When thinking about relaxation zones, why not create your own sauna world in the basement. It has been proven that the sauna contributes to a better body condition and prevents colds. The main difference between the infrared sauna and the Finnish sauna is the temperature, the classic sauna heats up to 100 degrees Celsius and warms you from the inside, while the infrared sauna heats up with red light, and its temperature fluctuates around 50-60 degrees Celsius.  Sauna is recommended three times a week for less than an hour, other days the body needs to play. It is up to everyone to choose which type of sauna, and it is ideal to arrange a small pool or at least a shower for cooling in the basement. In winter, of course, you can cool your body outdoors in the snow.

Who doesn\’t always want to have their own gym? Many people are discouraged in public gyms by the queues of individual machines, their shame, not wanting to show themselves in less flattering situations, and the fear that you embarrass yourself is eliminated in your own gym. To begin with, it is enough to purchase basic fitness equipment, a bench, a set of dumbbells or a versatile kettle ball. Over time, you can buy treadmills, sandbags and other equipment.
domácí cvičení
Wine Cellar
Finally, having your own wine cellar as a meeting place for friends to celebrate an anniversary or as a place to relax and unwind after a hard day\’s work is a dream of many people. It should be remembered that the ideal temperature for wine storage is 8-14 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is 65-80%. The rule of proper storage of wine is to put it in the dark or in a dark place.