I have an idea!

I\’m 17, still in high school, and I already know I don\’t want to be a doctor, lawyer, locksmith, or carpenter. I want to be an entrepreneur! My friend and I put our heads together and decided that since we are both hotel school students, we don\’t want to be mechanically educated by school or internships anymore, we want to work on something ourselves. For starters, we want to open a small bar and disco and see how it goes. We have lots of plans, but little experience. We are a little apprehensive, but we think it is the perfect time to do something like this. We believe in ourselves and we know we can do our best. But is it possible to start a business at an age when we are not yet adults and neither of us are students?
A samozřejmě, dobrý nápad!
We were overjoyed when we learned that our law allows this, however! First, we had to get our parents, or at least one of them, to sign that they agreed to our plan. This signature is very important to defend our business plan in the next court case. Then we must obtain a business license. So we have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Of course, there is another way to do business, but we don\’t like that very much. We have to ask our parents and let them take care of business. But we want our freedom. But when you think about it, entrepreneurship has some wonderful advantages. I really don\’t like to tolerate authority, so I am my own boss here.
Důležitá je disciplína.
In other words, it\’s me and my friends, but I think we can do just as well at work as we do at school. Another thing that I find very attractive is the freedom that entrepreneurship brings. Of course, both in a financial sense and in terms of flexibility in my work. However, after talking to my parents, I realized that I am seeing things a little too rosy. It\’s clear that I\’m going to lose a bit of my spontaneous childhood. You have to learn to deal with problems that you haven\’t had to deal with yet. But I believe it will be worth it. I wish you all the best.