Living on the Net

How successful you actually should be to let your Instagram or blog start earning you. Opinions on this vary, and much of it depends on how you use the network. For example, if you have a blog that reads a lot and doesn\’t require much other than your ideas or the style of the original author, you can get into the black pretty quickly. If you are a talented writer, you will probably notice the classic media immediately, and from there the way is easy to do it, for example, even in newspapers and TELEVISION users of Youtube and Instagram.instagram users. If you talk with a successful one, you will first notice that there are very large investments not only in time, but often in finance. For example, many fashion icons need to dig deeper into their savings at first, because companies send clothes and other things for free only to successful people.
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In addition to investing, you also need to count on the money you don\’t earn. Having a successful social profile is a full-time job. Fashion bloggers (and bloggers, men are also trying to break through in this area) not only choose and show off their clothes, they have to arrange a photographer for themselves, plan places and times, edit and edit photos, and even an explanation for them is their job. Hard work does not end with posting photos on blogs or profiles. Then you need to interact with readers and other users, respond to comments, process emails and stay on top of new ones. And once 1 post comes out, rock fans already want another post. Many successful profile owners went through a stage where they left their permanent job in order to fully devote themselves to their creation, but their virtual children
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Therefore, it is possible to make a living by having a presence in social networks and the Internet. Yes, but it\’s a tough business in which only the strongest and most determined survive.