Owning a cottage or rebuilding an old ruin

One of the big reasons we want a home is privacy.1 In the panel house, we hear everything and there is no comfort provided of peace. Of course, it is necessary to mention the space that the house usually provides. Another plus is the garden, which is a common part of the house. If you live in an apartment, then you need to be satisfied only with the balcony, which not all apartment units have. A house with a garden is a great advantage if you have children. Your child will spend a lot of time there, and you will see them. There are also crops that you can grow yourself in the garden. It is also worth noting the relaxation in which the garden will maximize your imagination.

We will not lie, all variants are expensive. Before you make a big decision, talk to someone you understand. It is not something you buy and then return. You really need to think about this.

° Buy an old house to be renovated

° Build a new house.

Starý dům v troskách

Old house and its reconstruction

Before buying an oldhouse, you should take a good look at it and consider whether it is worth a possible renovation.

[49 If it’s not some extreme change, feel free to go for it. When it comes to broader reconstructionof the house, it’s clear that it can be very expensive for us. For the oldhouse, the disadvantage is that it can hide many problems that may not be immediately visible. This is a major complication. Not only does it cost you money, it also costs you money.

If you buy ahousefor good money and it’s not worth repairing, the solution is to tear down and build a new one. You already have a bigace in your pocketin the form of the land you will remain. You know how hard it is to get a property these days. When you come across a property that is in a good place, you are not enough to wonder how much money it will cost.

1 more thing to think about is rebuilding the houseThis is how we should proceed. Whether you hire a craftsman or have handy hands and lots of friends. If you have friends who will move to the field that suits you, then there is nothing to think about. Savehere.

But if you don’t have them, you have to hire a specialist. The result is obvious. Do not save here. It may happen that it costs more money than you expected.

OldhouseIt is to renovate You can come out cheaper than a new building. If you’re a smart person who does a lot of work on your own, you’ve won.

Nedokončená novostavba

Building a New House

The first thing that comes to mind here is that you need a plot of land. When you buy 1, you have to make another big decision. Either build a house alone with the help of another person, or build a housebuild a house. Much depends on the funds you have. If you are somehow limited, you need to make up for yourself. If you do not need to turn all the crowns, you can build a house. This option has its advantages and does not require participation in construction. Another plus is that thehouseis completely new and suits your taste.

If you set out to build your ownhouse, you should count on a very high initial investment.If you set out to build your own home

Building permits and other necessary procedures are required, but there are many of them. And it is necessary to establish not only a house, but also a garden.

If you still can not decide, get expert advice. Carefully calculate which of all variants will be cheaper. It all depends on what conditions the old house was chosen by you. Whether it will be a smaller but broader reconstruction. This will help you decide whether you do not want to build your own house or not.