Pacifiers are not gagging

Nothing about children stirs up more heated debate than pacifiers. [It is a theme as powerful as if it had come from the pen of one of the most famous playwrights of all time, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare titled his play Pacifier? To Give or Not to Give? Babies are born wanting pacifiers. So is it a good idea to give them these silicone pacifiers? [Some experts believe that pacifiers should not be given for the first six weeks.
– The mother\’s breasts are available and can be given at any time.
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This may be true if the mother is always home with the baby. But what if she is at the store? Wouldn\’t it be better to trick the baby with a pacifier only then?Many mothers would lean toward this opinion. I don\’t think anyone feels comfortable with their baby screaming for its life.
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What if my baby doesn\’t like the pacifier?

Absolute opponents of pacifiers point out that certain unpleasant things can happen. [the baby will forget how to suck on the breast.
But we stick with the proponents of the golden mean. So if the mother finds her way to the baby and has enough physical contact with the baby, there is nothing wrong with giving the pacifier after six weeks.
§ However, never use a pacifier as a mouth stopper for a screaming baby.
§ Doing so turns this fun thing into an instrument of torture, a gag.
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The sucking reflex gradually disappears between ages 2 and 6. 43]Once the child is accustomed to the pacifier, do not force weaning. A little diplomacy and compromise is necessary. The child will surely be sensible enough to understand certain things. And agree to pacifiers only in exceptional circumstances. But if they cling to the pacifier and refuse to give it up at all costs, then they may need to consider the cause and seek help elsewhere.