Days without complaints, Days without stress

The culture of complaints in the field of technology is developing for the better (as opposed to food, for example), and the complaints are rejected.After all, who likes to circulate the business that something does not work for him again? I\’m sure I can use that time better. How do you know what to buy and what to avoid? We will explain everything by example.

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When you use a new product, you hardly know if it is suitable for anything, unless you are an expert. Psychological and marketing pressure forces you to try everything as soon as it appears on the market, but it is better to wait. There\’s nothing worse than having new shit in the house that we don\’t use. It often works with errors. RatherWaitfor a review, when more competing devices appear– they will be able to do more at a better price.

What most people need today is a phone. While many of us are happy with the “dumb” button, most of us choose smart buttons. We often do not make the most of its features, but it can be useful to have a high-quality camera, timetable, map and navigation at hand. And it is when buying a phone that the most difficulties arise.

Consider whether 2 million phones are what you really need. Today, even expensive phones do not last more than a few years, and in terms of functionality, they often can not do anything extra. You pay for the brand or design. In addition, it does not use many options. It is recommended that you make a list of what you want from your phone. Want to be light and compact – choose a smaller display. If you occasionally need to display technical drawings, then, on the contrary, you will probably need a larger diagonal? What about batteries, which are often on the go and need more battery life? Follow it. Parameters such as appearance and color menu should not be in the first place.
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And if something happens to your phone、Access diagnostics. He will know what is wrong with him and how to fix it. Often, repairs are not cheap, but still do not throw away those that protect our planet and catch the slightest malfunction.