Slovak businessman in Prague

This man is Milan Figgio. He is from Brezno and is 53 years old this year. First he was sales manager, then chairman of the board, then again director, but this time he has already been appointed general director.
Despite all this, the man has succeeded in business and has been awarded a medal by the president. He is truly an all-around man. [The Slovak paper and pulp mill in Ružumberok has made him a millionaire. Paper is his domain. Incidentally, he earned his associate\’s degree in the same town.
Papírové kapesníčky
He is also the owner of the Eco Investment Group. This is a Czech-Slovak industrial investment holding company. He has investmentsthroughout Europe.
He owns Hibernia in Prague, which he decided to convert part of into offices and boutiques. In other words, it is an office and commercial building. It is well known that prices in central Prague are more than 26 euros. Despite this outrageous rip-off, the number of buyers is so great that there are reportedly no other buyers left, and once construction is finished, the office space is hopelessly filled.
Emblém rekonstrukce
The work is being carried out by Laguerreir, and according to the plans, the original underpass will remain intact, otherwise the character of the building should not be radically changed. All this work should be strictly supervised by a preservation committeewhich should also control the restoration work to be done here. [23] The entire building has 1,220 square meters of office and retail space, with all facilities and amenities, of course. [24] For the record, there is also a [25] former convent [26] in the neighborhood. This too was purchased by Mr. Fiammao.
Pokrčený papír
At the end of the article, there is a description of a medal from the president. This occurred in 1988 and was awarded for the achievements of the Czech state in the field of the arts. Mr. Fiuoco is its patron. We wish him well.