The Bra Revolution

Have you seen this revolutionary bra? Does it really work as the celebrities say? Women all over the world are already using them! Why? Because your breasts will be up to two sizes larger than before.
růžové podprsenky
Not only does it work its magic with a great push-up effect, but this bra has a cord in the front between the breasts that perfectly adjusts the effect. [In a few seconds, you can create a sexy nothing between the breasts and be able to wear any dress or low-cut shirt. Of course, this bra will be most useful in the spring and summer when women will no longer be hiding under piles of sweaters and coats.
We found this bra on the Czech market as well and can inform you that it has the following advantages:
– Seamless
– Self-adhesive
– Strapless
– No clasp (with lace/pull-ups)
– Push-up effect [15 Easy to shape the bust and hold in proper position
– Both cups can be attached to each other with extra hooks
– Anti-bacterial material
– Anti-static material
– Breathable material
– Sizes A, B, C, D on the Czech market
E A search of stores online reveals that prices range between 190,-CZK and 349,-CZK. However, looking at the pictures of the products, it is clear that the cheaper ones are probably of a different cut and material than the 349-CZK ones. There are also some that only cost 179 CZK, but these ones do not have the strings that are the magic of this magic bra.
sexy korzet

Not sure if this bra is right for you?

This bra is suitable for women with smaller busts. For those with larger busts, products with fixed straps are more suitable. Of course, if not avoided, this bra will certainly not harm anyone, but for long-term wear, it is better for larger busts to use the support of the straps as well as the circumferential band. Perhaps this bra would not be suitable for nursing mothers. If you buy this bra, don\’t forget the color. A black bra does not look good under a light-colored T-shirt. Ideally, you should choose one in a muted color that can be worn under any outfit.