The most successful man in business at the age of 21. Century

Most established companies remain small and medium-sized. Some companies develop into large, multinational companies that have branches anywhere in the world. But there are companies that are taking their businessmen to such heights that they are known all over the world. Who was he?
Stephen Jobs Who doesn\’t know him? This American was Apple\’s founder, CEO, and chairman of the board. He took his company from the garage to such heights, and they knew it almost everywhere in the world. Of course, he was not alone in this, but he was the most visible personality behind the success of the company. His rhetorical and visionary abilities gave him tremendous strength.
miska hrachu -luštěnina
In 2017, Canadian entrepreneur Murad Al-Khatib was named Entrepreneur of the year. His life changed after he came up with a business plan in the basement of the family home, which secured him a major legume business in the world. He persuaded farmers to devote more time to growing lentils, chickpeas and peas. Then he began to trade these crops. There is a natural demand for these crops, so it was not a problem to report these products. Currently, his company owns 4/1 of the global market share of legumes.
kuchyňské nářadí
Speaking of successful entrepreneurs, it would not be fair if you did not mention at least one Czech language. And here we will mention 2 at a time. Petr Chimera and Gigi Vaclik. Two friends who began to make kitchen utensils in 1994. It is still produced by the company under the name Tescoma. Tescoma is one of the few Czech companies that are truly known around the world, primarily for the combination of functionality and design that the company focuses on.1 The company is truly world-class, thanks mainly to the founders who built it in the garage of Zlín. Unfortunately, Jiíívaculík died in 2019, but this was a huge blow to the company. But even with his legacy, they continue to expand their stores and headquarters across Europe.