What is the fastest way to count money at the cash register?

We all sometimes find ourselves in situations where we have to count large sums of money of different denominations. In any case, this is sometimes a difficult task, especially if you want to get it done as quickly as possible. So what should we do?
hromada centů
As far as banknotes are concerned, it is not that complicated. At the moment, there are no banknotes with denominations lower than 100 Kč. The ideal would be to have a pile of 1000 Kč. Another method would be to sort the banknotes in order of denomination and write down the total amount on a nearby piece of paper. Unfortunately, this method is rather tedious, and unless you need to keep track of cash, the previously mentioned method is much easier. In this case, it is better to use a convenient mathematical method of addition. If you are dealing with Czech banknotes, the easiest way is to combine two “500” to make 1000 crowns, five times 200 Kč and ten times 100 Kč. Practical configurations also include 500 Kč, 2×200 Kč, and 100 Kč.
Metal coins are a bit trickier. Unfortunately, metal coins have many characteristics that are not at all favorable to their total: they are made of the same alloy up to a value of 10 Kč, so they look very similar at first glance, but only 5 crowns are larger and have very different designs. The ideal way to count coins is to record the number of coins of each type on paper, as described above, or to create so-called rows. For sorting, one can either use complex manual sorting or sophisticated equipment that does the sorting for you. Theoretically, cardboard with cutouts exactly matching the diameter of each type would suffice. If cylinders are used, it is recommended that hundreds of cylinders and dozens of cylinders be made separately.
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As a result, if one follows Murphy\’s Law, one will soon forget and have to start over.