Hold on and success will come!

I know exactly how it goes when someone is in business, especially when starting a business. I\’ve been working with startups for several years, so I know exactly what their startup courses are. Simply put, of course, not for everyone, but it will be:


1.       Excellent ideas and great happiness
2.       Enthusiasm, preparatory work and euphoria at the start of work on the project
3.       Enthusiasm When establishing a business – everything goes smoothly and nothing is a problem – enthusiasm
4.       Invest your time – Struggling with project details – First uncertainty
5.       Project implementation – Financial investment without uncertainty and return
6.       The first number – the number of negative results – hesitation
7.       Ideas for improvement – moderate enthusiasm
8.       It doesn\’t work right away – disappointment – another wave of uncertainty
9.       Towels in the ring – entrepreneurs give up


I\’m not going to say it\’s always the case, but most people really give up very quickly. Of course, it\’s our nature. We are afraid to take risks. We are afraid of losing all our savings. We don\’t want to lose time with our family. We are afraid of failure. We do not want to burden ourselves. At the first failure, we feel that the universe is warning us, and it shows us that this is not the right way. Good friends and relatives will tell you that it is not. That\’s it. The end of the plan, the end of the dream.
But why? Do you think the biggest and most successful companies came up with the idea, threw it in the square, and the money just poured?Certainly not! At first, every entrepreneur had to experience what it was like to be disappointed. They had to endure criticism not only from clients, but also from family, friends and acquaintances.But they endured, learned, gathered their understanding, made corrections, and continued. They fought for their success and did not give up.They did not give up, did not collapse from criticism, and looked for ways to improve their plans and reach the top.


So, if you are wondering whether to close your business at this moment and end the road to your dream, you can no longer do it.:
When a person feels that he can no longer run, he runs more.
What about you? Will you make all those who do not run or close the shops and wish you success, a nice day and an easy way to their goals?