Cell phones and siblings

Can we live without them? Of course, if we all did not know the magic of the cell phone, no one would miss it. This is because when people recognize something that makes their lives convenient and suits them, they logically miss it afterwards. I remember once lending my brother\’s cell phone to me because he had the flu, and I was so grateful to have it because it meant that he had a cell phone that he could use to call me when he was sick.

V mobilu mám diář.

And that was a long time ago. I think I was about seven years old. My brother was 10 at the time, and he had a cell phone, but I didn\’t, so when he was sick with a fever, poor thing, I took advantage of it and borrowed his cell phone for a long time. My parents knew, of course, and didn\’t protest at all. Because my brother was sleeping all the time and was neither in the mood nor interested in having a cell phone. And in those few days, I think I became addicted to cell phones. It\’s a bit of an exaggeration to call it an addiction, but I discovered as a kid that I could play really cool games on my phone.

I moje děti mají mobil.

Then I decided I wanted my own cell phone too. But how can I get my parents to buy me a cell phone too? Because my parents had told me that I should have a cell phone when I turned 10 years old. And while my brother met that criteria, I did not. Luckily, my parents took pity on me and bought me my first cell phone when I was 8 years old. I was overjoyed and thanked my parents a lot, and my brother was happy that I no longer took his cell phone. It stands to reason that if one sibling has a cell phone, the other sibling will want one too. Wouldn\’t they? Because now that I have two children of my own, there is no way I would ever have just one cell phone. Because I know what it\’s like to want one and not be able to get it.