Cell phones have SMS capabilities

For example, you can use “short message service” (SMS for short) to send short text messages, but you should use this function very economically in your customer relationships. sending SMS messages is a great way to communicate with your customers, Only send SMS messages when you need to communicate something to a customer in a short and concise manner. For example, a message that you are going to be late for an appointment, or to let them know that you have mailed them a document. But never put yourself in a situation where the client has to reply to your text message. Why? For example, a mailed question about needing documents for an upcoming meeting definitely requires a detailed response. Therefore, the advice is rather to call or email.
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What are the rules for making a phone call?

Avoid loud voices. Not only will it bore the customer, but it may also give a false impression of your personality. Also, do not speak loudly or in a low voice. Do not speak monotonously and emphasize the important parts of your speech. The pace of your speech and the parts you emphasize should work together to create an overall dynamic impression. It is not a good idea to speak too slowly. Again, the client may draw negative conclusions about your personality. What else? In addition to emphasis and pronunciation, other factors should be considered when speaking with clients on the phone. For example? Describe yourself as accurately as possible and avoid using superlatives or flattering the client. Use simple words, vocabulary, and concepts and focus on the information needed. It is also important to ask questions to show interest and guide the conversation. Last but not least, asking questions can buy you time.
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Be proactive

If you have fulfilled a customer\’s information needs or have already received an order, you absolutely should remain active. You should also arouse the customer\’s interest in other products and services of your company. You can do this by adding to the first offer you are already working on or by mentioning the need for a solution in another area. Immediately offer a second offer as well. Alternatively, you should seek the opportunity to set up a business meeting to discuss the second offer.