Foods should be prepared at home and semi-finished products should be avoided.

Of course, no one intentionally buys food full of inappropriate and harmful substances. However, we may not be willing to examine the ingredients and properties of individual ingredients, for example, in the foods we prefer to eat, or we may rely on the country, the European Union, and its permanently emerging regulations.
příprava salátu


One of the dreaded substances already found in 75% of tap water as well as ground water are pesticides. They affect the central nervous system and affect the human hormonal and immune systems. Even though they do not exceed the permissible limits in our country, experts are alarmed.

Pesticides are found not only in water, but especially in food. Recently, fipronil was found in millions of eggs, then in baked goods and, of course, in eggnog. The substance is used by some poultry farms because it is a drug against fleas, ticks, and other parasites. According to the World Health Organization, the substance can damage the liver, kidneys, and thyroid gland. Of course, the most at risk are children.

Salt, sugar, and fat

Aside from pesticides that are not easy to detect, let us look at salt and sugar for example. We are all familiar with these poisons, they are in our kitchens every day. And even though we know they are not very healthy, we serve them to our children every day and are happy that they like them.

Excessive sugar intake has taken a toll on people\’s health in recent years, causing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and possibly Alzheimer\’s disease.
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How to minimize risk.

In any case, one established rule now applies. Prepare meals for yourself and your children at home and avoid buffets and fast food restaurants. You never know how many times fried oil is used, or how much trans fatty acids are contained in various biscuit fillings, long-life pastries, chocolate confections, etc.