Guild Wars

A fantasy game from the American company ArenaNet, released in 2012 and classified as an MMORPG. This means that it is an online game featuring players from all over the world. At the same time, you play the hero through your character.
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When choosing your character, you can choose from five different races from the start. One of them is the Human, which needs no further introduction. The next choice is theSilvari, who have strong ties to nature, are smaller than humans, and have green to blue skin coloring. Another race is theAsra, they are very cute, about the height of a dwarf, with cute long ears and big eyes. They are generally considered very smart.
Another option might bethe Norns. They are Nordic people and resemble humans in appearance. They are tall and worship nature spirits. Another interesting fact is that they can take the form of animals. The last raceis the Shar. They take the form of cat-like beasts. They are a nation of great power and very advanced technology.
Occupations are already common.
Guardians– Guardians, skilled with swords and able to use magic
Rangers– Pioneers, often bowmen, always with a faithful pet
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Necromarcer – Dark Mage
Elementalist– Mage who uses spells in the form of natural elements
Mesmer– Illusionist, uses illusions to confuse his enemies
Thief– A thief and assassin who can make himself invisible
Engineer– an engineer who primarily uses pistols, rifles, and grenades
The game has a personal storyline at the beginning that gradually opens up as you progress through the levels. Besides that, there is a wide variety of things to do. The world is large and there is no shortage of coincidences, so don\’t worry about getting bored. Not least because the game has had several updates and cooperation is encouraged.