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From January 1-15, you will see trick-or-treaters of all ages dressed as the three kings in town. Yes, once again this year you will have the opportunity to contribute to helping the elderly, the sick, the disabled, single mothers, the homeless, and others in need. Organized by Charity Czech Republic, the largest non-profit organization in the Czech Republic, this year marks the 20th year of the Tříklar Collection, which has attracted more than 70,000 volunteers. A total of 1.5 billion kronor was raised during the period. 2020, for example, was more than 130 million kronor.

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In addition, one-tenth of these funds go to foreign aid each year. Are you sick with the flu, a cough, cold, or fever? Is all you can do is lie in bed, drink warm tea with honey and lemon, and sweat? Are you waiting for your illness to finally get better and settle down? Suddenly, I see hope. I think back to the carols I sang with my family around the Christmas tree a few days ago. One of the carols was about three kings. Happiness, health, and long life, we have come to you from afar.

Tři králové

“Three kings bring God\’s blessing and joy today. These words infuse hope and vitality into your veins. Without getting out of bed, you pick up your cell phone from your bedside tableand access the Internet. As you heard on the radio, you can send monetary donations via your cell phone, or online. Donations to the online fund can be made all year round. Tap on the website page and send an SMS of your donation to the number listed there . On the website, you can see various photos and videos of people wandering around the Czech Republic trick-or-treating. You can also listen to Carol sing. You have done a good deed that gives you the strength to fight your illnessand you have the unshakable feeling that in two or three days you will jump out of bed and be fine.