Popular games on Facebook!

Today, it\’s no longer true that games are only for kids; play the best games that are trending right now on Facebook. If you haven\’t played anything on Facebook before, start now; there are plenty of games on Facebook that you can master even if you\’re not a computer whiz.
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Farmville 2
This game has been the most played game on Facebook for several years. It is popular among children as well as adults. It is a simulator with very beautiful graphics. You play the role of a farmer who cultivates his land. As you collect experience while working, you unlock land and new equipment. You can sell the raw materials you grow and use them to bake cakes. Over time, you can also buy livestock. However, if the fields are not cared for, the crops will die.
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Angry Birds Friends
If you don\’t know about this already iconic game, it\’s about time you did. The game is classified as a puzzle game, but don\’t be fooled. The objective of the game is to kill green pigs using birds. The game is also varied, with various game rounds set in the current season. You can also compete in games with your Facebook friends.

Candy Crush Saga
Again, a very popular game that grabs players and does not let go. It is fun to perform tasks in the colorful poly It is like a puzzle in which you have to connect candies of the same color into various shapes. Bonus sweets appear depending on how many you connect and how you connect them, and you can earn more points to complete the task. Everything is very nicely graphically processed, and you will be drawn in at least once or twice by the pleasant pink environment.
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Bubble Witch Saga
The principle of this game is simple. Fire colored balls from the witch\’s cauldron. To avoid making it too easy, you must hit balls of the same color. You must keep track of how many points you need to complete a round.

We hope you enjoy the game, they will entertain and amuse you.