House of Peace

Are you unhappy with your housing? As it takes something small to turn the brick building you live in the house? Do you agree with the rest of the household? Then do not hesitate and do not be afraid of change! Every small adjustment can change your life for the better. Before you change anything, it\’s a good idea to ask your roommate for their consent so they don\’t care about the change. There is nothing to wait, let\’s do it!


Do you have something at home that improves your quality of life, and will you use it often? Do you have room and money in your home? Then there is no reason not to buy things. Most things do not last forever, so do not be afraid to sometimes replace old broken things with new ones. Do not be afraid of new technologies and equip your home to your taste. It is not necessary to buy a lot, but you can make it yourself. They may not last that long, but they will make you happier.

velký nepořádek

Do not be afraid to throw

Do you have a house full of useless old things that have been lying in the corner for 20 years and no one is using them at that time? If you do not have an emotional relationship with them (such as a great-grandmother\’s knitted sweater), do not be afraid to sell or donate to someone, and throw away if no one wants you, whether it is furniture or old electronics, you can provide unused household parts on social networks.

kytka na stole

Flowers and Pets

Bring home flowers and pets. You do not need to grow orchids and breed mastiffs, you just need something unpretentious, like cacti, fish, etc. It is a good addition to your home. When it comes to pets, such as dogs, hamsters and turtles, your child will definitely appreciate it and soon your pet will become an indispensable member of the household. Among the simpler flowers for growing, for example, rhyme or choose a language.