Every year before summer arrives, sunscreen is written about, yet many women and men still do not use sunscreen. At worst, they risk skin cancer, but also need to protect their skin for other reasons.
žena pod slunečníkem

– The sun\’s rays hurt a lot because of the possibility of sunburn. You don\’t feel it yet, but you may be surprised in the evening
– If you are prone to pigmented spots, don\’t hesitate to apply sunscreen; if you are prone to spots, don\’t hesitate to apply sunscreen
, For comparison\’s sake, most people have dry hair when summer is over, so you can\’t Imagine what it does to your skin.

First, you need to know your ray type. That is, how long you should stay in the sun, how fast you will tan, whether you will tan brown or red, and so on. Whether the sunscreen comes in cream, spray or oil form is up to you, but it has to be right for you.
If you choose a sunscreen, it must be lightfast. The filter must not be destroyed by the sun and must always provide adequate protection; whether you need to change the cream every three hours is stated on the package insert or on the back of the cream. This is an unstable filter product and is not perfectly suitable for all skin types.
péče o pleť při opalování
Children\’s skin is the most important thing to protect. [Similarly, creams contain many fine particles and do not cause allergies because the particles do not penetrate the skin.