My brother and I have cell phones

I remember when my father wanted a cell phone, but he had no knowledge at all and did not know which cell phone would be right for him, so he and I went to a store selling cell phones. I already had 8 years worth of cell phones at that time and had already replaced 4 of them. But apart from that I am the kind of person who breaks cell phones easily, which is not good at all. This is because I have always taken very good care of not only my cell phones, but all the technology and other things I have bought. I have taken very good care of my things and I am very happy that none of them have broken yet. My brother, on the other hand, is a breaker. His cell phone is a year old at the most. But he doesn\’t break them on purpose.

Mobil mám stále u sebe.

He always accidentally breaks it. I remember when my brother built a brand new fence in his backyard. He had a new cell phone that cost almost 20,000 kronor, and he was justifiably proud of it and happy that he had finally saved up the money to buy such an expensive and cool phone. And he really only had that phone for a few days, and unfortunately he left it on a rock. And unfortunately the fence fell down there. My brother didn\’t know about it and even forgot that he had left his cell phone there.

Bez mobilu nedám ani ránu.

My brother had no idea. He had been thrown onto the rocks. There was also a cell phone under the fence. I was in shock and did not know how to tell my brother about this. I knew he would probably swear terribly and blame me as well. I decided to place the cell phone on my brother\’s window and wait for him to find out for himself. What is certain is certain. The cell phone thing is a very sensitive subject for my brother.