violet scent

as a gift for a loved one Perfume is certainly a good choice, but you have to know your partner well enough to intuit and guess what they like. 9] How a scentdevelops depends a bit on each body. Thus, even if a man tries a perfume on his own skin for his partner, it does not necessarily mean that his partner will actually give off that scent.
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The worst thing I ever did was buy a perfume on the Internet without trying it. My husband has gotten on my nose over the years so I can guess what he will like. Just as I do. We both don\’t stick with the same brand for years. Sometimes we buy it again when we run out, sometimes we try something new. With the wide variety of scents on the market, it\’s almost a shame to stick with one or two for the rest of your life. And I once decided to buy a perfume for Christmas from an online perfume store. I was guided not by my sense of smell, but by the popularity, sales, and name recognition rankings of various websites. An unknown, relatively expensive, well-known brand came up, and the scent description seemed good, so I took the plunge and bought it. It didn\’t pay off. Years later, I still have most of that perfume in my husband\’s drawer. Needless to say, it didn\’t smell good to me either.
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When I walked into a perfume store, even after years of shopping experience, I never knew what scent to actually ask for. Is it earthy, spicy, fruity, blah, blah, blah? Just as I am particular about the color of my clothes, I am particular about the scent. I choose according to my mood at the time, but there are a thousand different scents to choose from. I always have multiple perfumesto choose fromon my bathroom shelf. I prefer the golden mean. It shouldn\’t be too cheap or too expensive. The scent lasts all day on clothes and skin. Nothing heavy that will make the neighbors swoon. Nothing good comes from using too much perfume,
or trying to use perfume to mask other smells.