Olives are not just for the kitchen

they are also used to make cosmetics.
[Olives originated in Asia. It was cultivated by humans as early as 6,000 BC.In Europe, they were especially popular in the Greek and Roman empires. Everyone is familiar with Homer\’s Odyssey. It is the story of Odysseus and his faithful Penelope on a wandering journey. In this epic poem, Penelope is shown pressing precious oil from olives.
olový olej

Olives are very popular not only in Greek cuisine. We like both green and black olives.Many people think there are two varieties, but this is not the case. The green olive, harvested in the fall, is the immature variety of the black olive, harvested in early December.

In our region, not everyone likes olives. However, those who like them, like them for life.

Olive fruit as well as first-class cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil are often used in salads and hot dishes.

zelené olivy v růstu

Helps prevent aging

Olives are not just for the kitchen. Alreadythe ancient Greeksand later the Romansknew that olives were a fruit that had a very positive effect on the human body. In fact, they are highly detoxifying and contribute to the fight against aging and heart disease. It improves digestion and increases appetite. It is recommended when it is part of a meal because it helps to increase the level of gastric juices that facilitate digestion.

Olive also has importantuses, including in cosmetics. For example,olive oil is useful in the treatment of skin diseases;it has regenerative
properties and is added to various creams, shower gels, shampoos, and foot creams. The ancient Greeks also knew about the miraculous effects of olive oil on beauty. Let us be inspired by their wisdom.
zavařování oliv

Particularly appreciated arenatural organic cosmetics, in which, in addition to oil, donkey\’s milk is used, for example. You turn up your nose. Then perhaps you should know that Queen Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman in antiquity, bathed in donkey\’s milk. This type of cosmetic is especially suitable for sensitive or dry skin.