Pots as Enchantment

Kitchen makeovers can be a spontaneous decision to throw out the old and buy new, or an unwilling decisionthat the old cookware no longer lasts . The fact is simple: we should start with rice cookers and pots. No, rather casseroles. Simply cookware.
Hrnce ve skladu
So I go to the store and buy a pot, you say. Well, you can do that. Unless, of course, the clerk is inquisitive and wants to know whatthe pot is for. Is it for soup, is it for rice, is it for pressure, is it for Roman, does it have a ground bottom, or is it a regular pot? And you are in the middle of it. So be knowledgeable about your pot choices and read up on them as well. Of course, not everything, you will read for a week.
Equally important is the material of the pot. For example, cast iron, aluminum (probably already banned), sheet metal, enamel, stainless steel, titanium, …. And enough is enough. Enough is enough. And certainly not everything here.
Choose a pot that suits you and is easy to use. And one that you can afford.
Cast iron potsare known for their ability to preserve food for a long time. They should retain heat well and be free of wires and chemicals. However, they can be fragile.
Enamelis suitable for maintenance, even chemical ones, but again enamel can rust over time. Also, an impact, for example, a husband coming home late from a restaurant, can cause the enamel to crack and the pot to disappear. Cooking with these pans is no longer recommended.
Hrnec s jídlem
Titanium potslast the longest. [Titanium does not break easily, so it is not strange that manufacturers offer a 30-year warranty. Titanium is not easily broken, so it is not surprising that manufacturers offer a 30-year warranty. In addition to the above list, let\’s not forget cooking glass. It is simply glassware. It is non-porous and washable, but still fragile, just like cast iron. And it is vulnerable to thermal shock. If you put something hot on something cold, it will break.
Even those pots aren\’t easy to buy.