Personality tests

If you are hiring people, you need to know the indicators of the Myers-Briggs type. This is a personality test, and on the basis of it, to know what personality type it is, how people perceive the world and how to make decisions.C.It was done by Briggs and her daughter. Myers This test is used in pedagogy, human resources, marriage counseling, personal and professional coaching. The test is based on the fact that everyone has certain prerequisites, certain preferences, which are reflected in the method of interpretation of experience. These tastes determine our needs, values and motivations.

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Therefore, the test is based on temperament and personality preferences. There are 16 personality types. Everyone fits a certain type of profession. Let\’s get to know each type easily. Each person is suitable for something different.

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  1. ISTJ – Admin. Suitable for managers, officials, statisticians, engineers.
  2. ISTP – handyman. Suitable for technicians, designers.
  3. ISFJ – Protector. Desirable for teachers, therapists and health care.
  4. ISFP – Composer. Perfect for veterinarians, designers, writers, sculptors and painters.
  5. INFJ – Artist. Suitable for priests, designers, actors and directors.
  6. INFJ – Dreamer. Perfect for poets, musicians, teachers, therapists, activists, writers and psychologists.
  7. INTJ – Analyst. Suitable for scientists, politicians, chemists and physicists.
  8. INTP – Scientist. Suitable for programmers, scientists, mathematicians, economists, astronauts, architects, chemists and physicists.
  9. ESTP – Conqueror. Suitable for politicians, managers and racers.
  10. ESTJ-Guardian. Suitable for managers, lawyers, directors, businessmen and policemen.
  11. He is a member of S.N.A. Entertainment. Desirable for actors, entertainers, sellers, singers.
  12. ESFJ – Caregiver. Ideal for humanitarian and social workers and healthcare professionals.
  13. ENFP – optimist. Great for actors, entertainers, singers, designers and journalists.
  14. ENFJ- Teacher. Perfect for teachers, psychologists, diplomats and actors.
  15. ENTJ – Leader. Suitable for politicians, lawyers and businessmen.
  16. ENTJ – Visionary. Suitable for comedians, entertainers, inventors.